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“Spirit 106 has been a lighthouse …”

“Spirit 106 has been a lighthouse in the River Valley for 21 years. God blessed Evangel Temple to be on the air 10 times a week since the very beginning. Wow…. that’s over 10,000 broadcasts! Each one has been an investment in encouragement. We could have easily recorded our broadcasts from ET, but being with Dave, Jay, Mike, Bruce, Tammy & the team is worth the drive to the station. A few years ago God was working on a young man. He was 22 years old and had never been to church. He decided to find out who God is. While listening to our broadcast on Spirit, at the corner of Towson and Phoenix, I pulled up beside him. He kept looking at his radio and looking at me. I could see him mouth the words “that’s you” as he pointed to his radio. I asked him to pull over. He explained his quest to find out who God is and I had the honor of leading him to Christ. We plugged him into a local Baptist church where some of his friends attended. Thank God for Spirit 106!”

Don Hutchings, Pastor Evangel Temple