Frequently Asked Questions

Spirit 106.3 specializes in helping local businesses grow through cost-effective targeted advertising. With the right audience, and enough repetition, your advertising dollars can provide a solid return on investment. Our goal is to make your job easier by reaching enough of the right customers to positively impact your business. The secret of advertising success comes down to this: What you say times how many times you say it!

Below you'll find many of the most frequently asked questions. If you can not find what you are looking for e-mail one of our sales agents. You can reach Christie Badeaux at  or you can call 479-646-6700 during regular business hours. Our sales agents will be happy to answer your questions.

Should I advertise?

When you advertise, you are educating a chosen audience about your business. We provide a unique audience that your advertising dollars may not be reaching elsewhere.


Is radio right for me?

If people who listen to Spirit radio do business with you, then radio is an option to explore..and 96% of us listen to radio each week.* (*Radio Advertising Bureau)

• Radio can target your best prospects

• Radio can reach mobile consumers

• Radio can establish a relationship with customers

• Radio can break through competitive clutter

• Radio can maximize you advertising investment

If radio was invented today, it would be all the marketing rage. Why? Because we live in an on-the-go society, and unlike newspaper or television, radio is with us everywhere-in the car, in the office, and all over the house. Radio's mobility, intrusiveness and target ability makes it cost-effective marketing platform for nearly any type of business.


How much does advertising cost?

That depends on how much of an impact you want to make and how much competition you have. Though you can purchase an occasional special package for a few hundred dollars or less, our most effective advertisers pick a station, and make a monthly investment. Finding the budget you're comfortable with while providing a satisfactory return on investment can be developed through a marketing analysis.


I want to build my business, what do you suggest?

Be honest with your expectations and the investment you're willing to make. Then call us to do an in-person marketing analysis interview. We can then provide you a demo tape and custom marketing plan that matches your goals and targeted demographics.


What should I say in my commercial?

Ask yourself, "Why should someone do business with me?" Be specific. "What truly makes me a better choice than my competitors?" "What makes us special?" Take a look at your strengths versus your competitors weaknesses that can result in taking business from them. Our goal is to grow your business by getting you your unfair share of the market's dollars from your competition. A completed marketing analysis can help us fine-tune your message to the right audience.


I'm a small business with a small budget - can I still advertise effectively?

The bare minimum recommended spending can be as low as $300 per month based upon some specific goals and limitations. That would perhaps get you one newspaper ad, but we can develop a plan that delivers consistent advertising throughout the month. Contact us so we can suggest a plan of attack.


What is branding?

Establishing in the consumers mind your unique selling position(s). It helps them understand why they should do business with you rather than your competitors.