Mother’s Day Entries

To enter, record on your phone the reasons why your Mom is special, and text the recording, along with a picture of your Mom to our Fort Transmission of Fort Smith Arkansas Text Line at 479-431-4446. We'll draw a winner Friday, May 6th. Entry deadline is Wednesday, May 4th.

Kaithlyn Woodham

Jessica Lambert

Zoe Lambert

Elizabeth Crump and her mother in law Melissa Crump

Elizabeth Crump

Brylee Smiths mom Mia Smith

Brylee Smith

Meredith Snipes and her mother in law Norma

Meredith Snipes

Jaqueline and Brenda Jeffery

Amelia and Olivia


Nick Schluterman

Nick Schluterman

Hannah and Melanie Hobson

Hannah and Melanie Hobson

Tonya Walters and her mom Linda Thompson

Tonya Walters

Terese Parker and Susanne Post

Terese Parker

Maci Osborne and her mom Samantha Osborne

Maci Osborne

Gracie Osborne her mom is Samantha Osborne

Gracie Osborne

Debbie Mason

Cindy Magadan

Cindy Magadan

Brooklyn Magadan

Lisa Stanleys mom Brenda Jeffery

Lisa Stanley