Father’s Day Entries

To register for the contest, call our Fort Transmission Multi-Purpose Phone Line at 479-431-4446. Give us your first and last name, the father's first and last name, then share your Dad Joke and a special message about your dad. After you have finished recording, text us a picture of your dad at the same number. Thank you!

Richard Boutin

Peter Boutin

Devin Bray

Devin Bray

Karen Hollenbecks

Karen Hollenbecks

Billy Jack Bascue

Tricia Davis

Caleigh Maynard and her dad Jason Carter

Caleigh Maynard

Faith and Lydia Whitlock dad is David Whitlock

Faith and Lydia Whitlock

Roger Rainwater


Frances Stone

Frances Stone

Christopher Davis dad is Shawn Davis

Christopher Davis

Misty Martin dad is Frank Rhyne

Misty Martin

Alex Stringer dad is Eli Stringer

Alex Stringer

Caitlyn and John Woodham

Caitlyn and John Woodham

Alissa Nuckolls Self her dad is Lester Nuckolls

Alissa Nuckolls